E3 2019 is upon us and Escapist is going to be at the show in force.

For the first time in Escapist history, Yahtzee will be attending E3 himself. Alongside the Gameumentary video team, Yahtzee will be on the ground, bringing you developer interviews, hands-on previews and daily impressions of everything from Gears of War 5, to unannounced titles from Square-Enix, Bethesda, Warner Bros. Interactive, and even Shenmue 3.

That’s not all. Bob Chipman will be producing fresh episodes of Game OverThinker throughout the week responding to the biggest announcements of the show. And, finally, the New Escapist Podcast will debut with three special E3 episodes releasing on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. We’re also going to be something special with world famous cosplayer Stella Chuu. Please be excited.

Follow all of our coverage at this E3 2019 landing page.

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  1. Wish the roles were reversed, honestly…

  2. Inviting Yahtzee to E3 is like having a serial milkshake thrower near a Brexit Party rally

  3. So Yahtzee will finally be within smacking distance of the devs & publishers he’s been pissing on for a decade? AND it’s going to happen at E3??
    Damn I wish I could be there.

    1. I think think they would acttyally like yahtzee in spite of him pissing on their. It did gave them a generation of journalists with actual critical thinking beyond dis gaem is fun that most impressionable fans have so they would have an excuse to make games a serious medium for storytelling

  4. Oh boy…

  5. This’ll be fun.

  6. O_O

    Escapist, are you all right?

    I ask that because you’re sending Yahtzee to E3 2019.

    Benjamin “Yahtzee” Crowshaw.

    A man who “takes an almost sexual joy in ruining other people’s fun“.

    The same man who, while having good intentions, piddles on any and everything that is announced at these events.

    Just to be clear. You are making plans to keep him away from sharp objects and flammable substances while he’s attending, right?

    1. Who knows? Maybe Yahtzee will feel a slightly warmer spark in his heart as he actually goes to the event and realize covering it from the comfort of his own home vs being bombarded with neon lights and subliminal messaging will have a wholly different perspective as people meet the forefather of cynical gaming commentary in the flesh. The man who taught a generation of journalists to stop swallowing up hype wholesale and offer criticial thinking in the form clickbait.

    2. Perhaps this is the last E3 and Yahtzee gets to swing the scythe on it.
      Maybe we’ll here a suspiciously familiar British voice heckling at every keynote presentation this year, that would be perfect.

    3. I think they know what they’re doing.

    4. I get the feeling Yahtzee will approach the Nintendo booth and suddenly be struck by a sense of dread, unaware of the ninja hiding in the shadows

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