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    1. So we have another third game in the series this year where it was made too late and its features feel utterly archaic in modern times, and unlike Kingdom Hearts, nobody’s really anticipating for it.

    2. Oh yeah, what DID happen to Infamous?

      1. Got as good a conclusion as an IP can get with inFamous 2, then they got greedy with Second Son and never got over the embarrasment.

        1. I liked Second Sun just fine but there’s really nowhere left for Infamous to go at this point.

    3. “Then just play Crackdown 1” Uhh… Yahtzee? It’s only available for 360.

    4. Nope. We’ll never get that Ace Combat 7 review.

    5. Crackdown? Not Devil may cry?

      1. That only came out 5 days ago.

    6. I was expecting DMC V, but we got another game i forgot it came out.

      1. He makes these a week in advance, and DMC 5 came out last weekend.

    7. when is yathzee doing apex?

    8. How about we go back even further, to before the sandbox era, where the world isn’t open and you can only go to relevant places with relevant things in them, albeit at your leisure? Anyone? No?

    9. People who want more crackdown 1 are covered at least, wasn’t a series i was interested in to begin with but might watch a playthrough

    10. Actually the environment in multiplayer is NOT fully destrucible, only very certain parts of it. And even then the destruction is very underwhelming, especially compared to the E3 trailers and sneek peeks.

    11. Bit of a quiet season for games again, innit?

    12. sharp as ever. brilliant, mate.

    13. Seemed to be a lot of punctuation in this one.

    14. I’m down with Yahtzee having a crack at this game.

    15. 3 + 9 != 13

    16. 0:29 Umm, you sure Kess would be happy with you doing that Yahtzee? XD

    17. I was quite surprised he didn’t even mention the quite infamous “Naming Division” of the Crackdown franchise.
      Seeing as they have featured many times in ZP over the years.

      It’s just quite funny that, every single Sandbox game franchise, kinda sucks after the second or third installment.

      Just Cause 2 was good, JC 3 great, JC 4 lazy shallow version of JC3
      Assassins creed 1 , decent, 2 great, 3 quite good, the rest of them except Blackflag, are Shit

      1. The *first half* of JC3 was great.

    18. Early today?

    19. Yahtzee gave me a shoutout! And Amen to that, Yahtz.

    20. Something tells me when the developers were gushing about “the cloud” making this game ‘totes best amazing guis,’ they were in actuality referring to their crack–induced fever dreams.

      1. Yeah, I think they were totally on crack thinking that was gonna work.

    21. For what its worth, Crackdown was the shit, but considering how many sandbox games exist at this point. That wasn’t gonna do it any favors. And well, Terry Crews… Why?

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