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    1. Judgment sounds a lot like “Almost Yakuza but Just Not Quite”

    2. Wonder how Yakuza 7 new lead will fare.

    3. A game for middle aged dads?!

      I’M a middle aged dad! Looking for it on steam as we speak!

    4. Have you planned to review Outer Wilds ? A game based on a central core gameplay idea, which use a rather show-don’t-tell aproach to storytelling. Seems to be quite your jam

    5. Wow, a Yakuza game finally broke Yahz.
      ALL the spin-offs had ga Gotoku in the title till now in Japan. Meaning that even the target demographic over there is supposed to look at this as a “new IP”. They of course shouldn´t.

    6. Escapist truly have the worst site ever.

      1. Yes, but the content is worth coming back for. Specifically the Yahtzee content.

    7. Sooo….what Yahtzee’s waiting for is the ‘released whenever, we have no idea when’ Shin Ryu Ga Gotoku, whose main protagonist is like a wilder and less restrained Kiryu.

      Don’t you mention a damn thing about the mobile game, that’s not enough for me. Also, I’m still waiting for it to release in the States.

    8. Yahtzee mentioned Phoenix Wright.

      Now he must review a Phoenix Wright game or two as a retro review.

      I know he’s going to completely destroy it, but I still want to see it.

    9. The Yakuza comparisons, I feel, hurt Judgment more than they help it. Particularly with the main character, as you said; Kiryu worked brilliantly because he was a stoic man who fit in with the main storylines while contrasting brilliantly with the wacky side adventures. On the other hand, Yagami has his own quirks, including being a bit cheeky and sarcastic as he used exact speak and legal lingo to his liking, and that doesn’t contrast as well with the wacky writing. My point is, Yagami doesn’t fit in as naturally as Kiryu does.

      On the other hand, this does feel like the sort of story the team would prefer to tell. Yakuza 0 always struck me as odd because, while the cutscenes played up the yakuza as huge threats, the story and gameplay both would disagree as Kiryu rampaged through hordes of them at the start of the game and there’s no reason to believe he couldn’t keep it up the whole way through. At least Yagami isn’t portrayed as a wild superhero who couldn’t realistically be threatened by the very people he steamrolls over.

      On another note, something about this review came across as sporadic and disjointed. Good zingers as always but it felt a bit jarring to hear the premise of the game a bit over halfway into the video and only then for some sort of gag.

    10. Wow, Yahtzee actually pronounced Yagami correctly. He still can’t say Kamurochō at all, but credit where it’s due. As for the game itself, I’m just fine with the main series as is, personally. I feel like Ishin (維新) and Kenzan (見参) worked better as spin-offs for the series as the completely different setting helped to keep things fresh. If you stay in the same setting with the same themes, then you’re not really moving on at all (as Yahtzee pointed out).

    11. So I guess this game is a contender for ‘top 5 blandest games of 2019’?

    12. Did Yathzee just refer to Kess as the live in gimp ??

      1. No, it’s a reference to the duality of the game’s gameplay. The minigames and their hilarity don’t really match the dark and serious tone of the main story, but there are people who wouldnt enjoy Judgment as much without Mahjong, Shogi, Darts, House of the Dead, etc.

        1. True but the the lighthearted completionist minigame hunt also sounds like something Kess would actually enjoy more than the combat stuff.

          So it is actually possible he had her in mind when writing this, but then replaced her with live in gimp for lolz.

      2. Can’t be her, she’s not a dolphin.

        1. We’ll have to ask him about the gimp during the livestream on Twitch. When Kes is there.

          1. I’m pretty sure it’s not Kess, but people will say it is anyway because it’s funnier or something.

      3. Yes. Which either means he’s been sleeping on the couch, or will be to tonight.

    13. I’m still getting through the main story myself after getting Judgment the day it came out because I keep getting distracted by all the side content. That and I spent an entire weekend getting through the drone races once someone told me that beating it would get you access to unlimited money and experience points. Wouldn’t call it as good as the Yakuza games so far, but the new friendship/girlfriend system is definitely my favorite new addition.

    14. Fun Fact: Sega’s Second Butthole was put there by Nintendo in 2002.

    15. If you’re *trying* to be cool, you’ve already failed.

    16. Translator’s note: Keikaku means “Gumball machine to the face”

      1. Akhtchually, that’s a common mistake; it means “traditional smashing of a gumball machine to the face.”

        1. A vital distinction

      2. Akhtchually, that’s a common mistake; it means “traditional smashing of a gumball machine to the face.”

    17. that inverted animu eyes look totally drugged up.

    18. The bowler hat gang from “A Clockwork Orange” was a nice touch.
      These side jobs the PC of Judgement has reminded me of some of the side-quests from Knights of the Old Republic. because that game did side-quests good.

    19. This week, Yahtzee reviews Yakuza: Black Flag.

      1. Followed by Yakuza: Unity, while ignoring Yakuza: Rogue.

    20. Nyeh heh heh!

    21. Similar to how Jim Sterling felt about Judgment, liked the old stuff but not the new stuff. I don’t think Kiryu is essential to these games, it was never a downgrade playing as any of the other characters.

    22. No more uploads to the Escapist server, youtube only? Methinks he is getting ready to leave the sinking ship. No need for me to watch this page then, anymore – just subscribe to youtube.

      1. Nope. We had to update the format of all the old videos as they weren’t compatible with the site refresh. Still being uploaded as normal to the site and they will remain exclusive for one week before going to YouTube.

        We’re doing fine.

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