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    1. Haven’t watched an episode of ZP in a long time. I was surprised that Yahtzee can still make me chuckle after making videos for 10 years now.

      At least the game developers managed to release a new game without one of the executives whipping up a controversy. That’s a step in the right direction public relations-wise, at least.

    2. I think I’m really digging the new look, everything looks so streamlined and nice. I also love how the video doesn’t play on mute anymore, which is appreciated.

    3. New design looks like a weird attempt at aping Discord- or just every other meh website.

      And, yes, still only here for Yahtzee.

    4. So no forums and no way to easily navigate between videos?

    5. Different website, still only here for one reason.

    6. Shocker. New design on mobile is even worse trash than the original version. Ads pop up are bigger than article blurbs…

      And what’s this? Disqus? I thought here we were trying to avoid making it easy to have bots cropping up again.

      So get ready for that again.

    7. First time commenting on ZP episode on their website. Previously I don’t have an account for the forum or desire to make one. I do however have Disqus account for a very long time.

      Pertaining TR, I still prefer the first of the reboot trilogy. I feel that they did not improve the character and story at all. Granted even the first one mediocre at best. Downhill since.

      The reboot Lara herself always seems too pc and boring. No sense of fun and adventure. Focus too much on gritty story telling but not engaging at all.

      If you haven’t played any of the three games and want to try it, just pick one, whichever. No need to play all three.

    8. Okay, video is fine, but the website layout at time of writing has a flaw on my desktop.
      The “Escapist Magazine” header covers the top of the video unless I set the thing to full screen.
      I feel that the header does not need to take up so much space on the monitor.

    9. I gotta say i hate this new design, there’s no edge to it, no personality like it’s just another internet site now and not the place I first watched Zero Puncutation and Apocalypse Lane…Got a feeling most of these comments ain’t about the review

    10. I can’t F see whole video if I am not full screen mode because for some stupid reason top bar get 1/3 of my 16:9 screen. WHYYYYYYYYY?

      1. I specifically addressed this very concern before the site became available to the rest of you. Russ is aware of it and shall “chat” with the Tech Team come this Monday.

    11. Anyone else getting “video error. Audio/video not supported”. Wtf I’m on an iPhone. *edit* I see now that there’s other comments. Can wait to watch this one when it’s possible

    12. Are the forums gone then?

    13. I’m not sure why Eidos have continued the “Uncharted but worse” formula for three whole games.

      Also, the weird desaturating filter covering all the images on the front page needs to go.

    14. The new layout for the site is bland and boring. Also the new video player sucks.

    15. Good lord, what a bunch of ungrateful whining we have.

      Welcome back, ZP and Escapist!

    16. Seeing as this has apparently become the place to discuss the new design until the forums come back: I’m fine with the layout, but the logo is a bit bland and dull. There’s no edge to it, nothing that really reflects the site and its ambitions.

    17. The stuff about smearing dirt on herself for camouflage is straight off Predator. Some had watched that just before development. Not that it’s that unique of a thing, but it was totally because of Predator, and you’re a liar if you say you believe otherwise.

    18. I love the new design. Great work. Oh and Yahtzee’s review was nice too.

    19. So I guess we’ve lost all the forums then?

    20. Well then… this is new.

      I’ll wait until everything is up and running before judging it.

    21. Gotta strongly disagree with Yahtzee on this one, i’m a big fan of this franchise and this game had some of my favorites in a video game of this year(Lara’s flashback and that scene in the oil fields in particular). This game is definitely going in my top ten, also I would disagree on the skills being “useless”, I loved the poison grenades and flare rounds.

      Personally I think this Lara has plenty of character development.

    22. Ah, so Volume 2 begins. SOTR is really at odds with itself, trying to do this commentary on Lara essentially being a grave robber but stumbles around with it. It’s trying to be this commentary on the franchise’s sordid past but can’t really commit to it. It’s just wishy-washy

    23. Off-topic! Do video games exist anymore? All the outlets I’ve ever known have folded. I for one hope new Escapist keeps to publishing not more than 10 items a day, and I would like to see pieces that appeal to adults, whether they know or care about the subject matter itself. KILLSCREEN (folded) made video games more interesting than they actually are. Some of the sites I’ve looked at generate seemingly hundreds of pieces on a daily basis. It’s crazy. Who wants to sift through a garbage dump? Please make it your job to only publish the best of the best with the confidence of a tastemaker.

    24. “But thou must” is a Dragon Quest reference. Does that mean we’re getting a DQ XI review next week?

    25. I like the site redesign.

      Then again, I am only here for ZP. So maybe my opinion doesn’t count.

    26. That was fun

    27. Congrats on new design.

      I rather like the fact that I don’t have to open yet another new proprietary account in order to chat in a single forum.

      As for Zero Punctuation, I miss the old days when Yahtzee would review a game that I might actually be interested in buying. I have no idea what the criteria is for reviewing games but they’re all either AAA-games that even your grandmother knows about or obscure indie games that you had no idea existed before Yahtzee opened his mouth. Is there no in-between?

      Also, can someone explain when Yahtzee started talking at a normal pace? I thought that the whole idea for Zero Punctuation was that he talks fast & speaks with a British accent but now he just speaks at a normal pace & still speaks with a British accent. Did he get old? Is an old war injury acting up? Did the test audience polling come back with some nasty opinions?

      Anyway, congrats on the new design. Can’t wait for next week’s review for a game that I’ll have no interest in purchasing.

    28. new player worked and looked good. but space no longer pauses. anyway, good to see another zp.

      hehe…. knob father

    29. Wow this design sure is boring. You have some of the most interesting and well written articles on games but you put it on a site that looks like one of those parking sites. .

    30. how can i add this to imdb when instead of release date it says “whenever ago”

    31. New site looks good, seems to load a bit slower in some parts still.
      Yatztee should stop playing those AAA tumors because he clearly does not enjoy them.

    32. This new website design is total arse. It looks like they wanted to optimize it for tablets and smart phones, but didn’t know that you can easily have the site detect the screen size and if it is a touch screen with HTML5 really easily. Good luck trying to watch previous videos if you haven’t checked the site every week, because the concept of a gallery of all the videos an author has made is too last century.

      Now if you will excuse me, I need to clean up my barf from when v2 of the site loaded before the dog starts eating it.

    33. Can I get the “random video” button back please

    34. Also, what happened to the “next” and “previous” episode buttons in the site layout?

    35. To paraphrase an earlier ZP:

      “What do you think of the new site design?” “It’s boring and stupid!”

      Redesign all you want, but you’re not gonna solve The Escapist’s real problem: Yahtzee is the only reason most people come here anymore.

    36. Why can’t they just have Lara as a wacky, fun, Indiana Jones-esque adventure game? They have to taint everything with their shitty greyscale grimdark realism. I did not even notice there was a Lara Croft movie this year, it was so forgettable…

    37. I didn’t like this one either, i thought the first one was okay-ly good even thought it wasnt an origin story, the second one was really blah and the third one sucked dick

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