Vehicles Dominate Battlefield 3: Armored Kill Trailer


Though Battlefield 4 was unexpectedly announced earlier this week, EA wants to remind gamers that there’s plenty of content yet to come for Battlefield 3. The publisher’s latest trailer shows off the Armored Kill expansion pack, which adds new vehicles, a new gameplay mode, and the largest map in Battlefield history.

Among the new vehicles are ATVs, mobile artillery, and tanks, which is appropriate considering the added Tank Superiority gameplay mode. The snowy Alborz Mountain and sandy Bandar Desert maps can also be found in the video, with the latter being the largest map in Battlefield history.

The expansion will be released in September for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. It will be followed by Battlefield 3: Aftermath in December and Battlefield 3: End Game in March of next year. Of course, Battlefield 3 Premium members will get access to all three expansions two weeks early, so if you’ve plunked down that one-time $49.99 fee, you can enjoy the tank mayhem before everyone else.

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