Veronica Mars Fan Fiction Will Be Published By Amazon

Veronica Mars

Veronica Mars cases written by loyal fans will soon earn 35% in royalties for their creators.

There is absolutely no doubt that when Veronica Mars ended in 2007, fan fiction writers picked up the torch and continued the story themselves. What these writers may not have expected was the possibility of earning real-world money for doing so. With the Veronica Mars movie release underway, the film’s creators are expanding the franchise’s scope with Amazon’s Kindle Worlds. This allows Veronica Mars fan fiction to be published and sold across the internet, with a 35% cut in royalties going to the writers themselves.

Veronica Mars fans are amazingly loyal and anything we can do to give them more access to her world and that of her character is great,” Thomas said. “I’m looking forward to seeing what new worlds and characters are created by fans and Kindle Worlds writers.”

Kindle Worlds has been publishing fan fiction for some time now, with Veronica Mars being the latest available franchise. That being said, Amazon won’t accept just any Veronica Mars story; fan fiction must meet guidelines appropriate to its “World” before publication, which in this case prohibits pornographic content, crossovers with other fictional universes, or depicting characters after Veronica has left college.

In other words, if you’ve written an erotic tale where Veronica Mars and Tony Stark fight The War of the Worlds‘ Martians, Amazon needs you to give it an extensive edit. But if you’re limiting the scope to an untold adventure at Neptune’s Hearst College? Now you’ve got a very good chance of being paid for your efforts.

Source: Bleeding Cool

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