Yeah, you’re never getting that sword past security.

It’s Hobbit time again, and Air New Zealand is getting in on the act with a fun new video. It’s happy times at the airport, where magic’s in charge for the day. Will you be paying by credit card or with heaps of stolen gold, sir? It’s no problem for us elves; we see this kind of thing every day!

This isn’t the first time Air New Zealand’s enhanced itself with a bit of movie magic, but this one’s just as fun as the first. Yes, by the way, that is Dean O’Gorman, aka Fili, enjoying a carrot buffet; well spotted. There’s a competition attached to all this, in case you were interested in seeing the Desolation of Smaug premier either in LA or New Zealand.

Or just sit back and enjoy the fun. Just don’t annoy the dragon; he’s trying to get some beauty sleep.

Source: Air New Zealand YouTube

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