Video Details Kid Icarus: Uprising Multiplayer


What do you get when you cross The Legend of Zelda and Quake III?

That clip embedded at top-right comes courtesy of this morning’s Nintendo Direct event, and seeks to explain how multiplayer battles will function in the upcoming 3DS shooter/adventure hybrid Kid Icarus: Uprising.

As you can see, the game’s “Light Vs Dark” mode is, superficially, akin to a standard arena shooter, but with a host of Nintendo quirks. Sliding along rails, clubs that launch giant metal balls, worryingly cheery destruction; on paper it’s a miasma of confusing elements, but in action it looks pretty solid.

The goal here is to reduce the other team’s health to zero at which point the next team member to be killed becomes an angel. Whichever team can manage to kill the opposing squad’s angel is the victor.

Though the video features teams populated by real, flesh-and-blood humans, Light Vs Dark mode also allows the user to assign AI teammates to either side, for those times when finding a friend is just too much hassle.

The really cool bit though is the weapon customization options. Shacknews explains:

You’ll also be able to use weapons that you’ve unlocked in the single-player mode in multiplayer. You can customize your own character with weapon and power combos to fit your play style, and you can fuse weapons at the Arms Altar. The StreetPass functionality comes into play by sharing “Weapon Gems.” These represent the weapons of players you’ve encountered, and you can purchase them for yourself by paying with hearts. You can also fuse Weapon Gems together.

Fingers crossed for a wand that turns opponents into eggplants.

Source: Shacknews

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