Video Shows NBA 2K14 Gameplay Issues Recreated in Real Life


A real life video created by a fan highlights the myriad of gameplay issues plaguing NBA 2K14, and is hilarious.

While the video shown might not resonate to non-NBA 2K fans, those who play 2K Sports’ yearly basketball sim will only need to watch the opening scene to understand what the video is all about. Created by YouTuber “Jesserthelazer,” the fan-made video shows us the gameplay issues that’s currently in NBA 2K14 — and in some cases, past NBA 2K titles. The fact that even the body reactions are a literal carbon copy of those in the game, plus the commentary by Marv Albert is spot on just makes the video more funny than it should be.

Just in case you want a quick rundown of what’s shown, the full list of gameplay offenses are listed below.

– charge cheese
– open player wide open for three then cuts to the basket right when —-you pass
– spin move steal cheese to pull up 3 fast break
– an alley oop and the player runs out of bounds
– behind the backboard swish
– trying to go for the steal then intentionally foul
– free throw A- bs
– terrible passing
– bounce pass out of bounds when wide open
– the ball being to DAMN heavy to catch animation
– getting shoved out of bounds
– players jumping for block, then kicking the ball like fifa, then full court fail pass, yes this is all 1 scene
– timeout jersey glitch
– awkward floater
– the last couple of shots is the script of 2k were the other team will -always come back…

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Source: YouTube via NeoGAF

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