Video Shows Project Natal Can Recognize Your Gender


If you’re wondering what you look like to the Project Natal camera, you look like something out of Predator or Terminator – but at least it can recognize whether you’re a boy or a girl.

At Microsoft’s Israeli R&D center’s yearly Think Next exhibition, Dr. Ilan Spillinger demonstrated the more technical side of the company’s upcoming motion-control platform – how does Project Natal see the player?

Well, if the video seen above is any indication, it sees you like something right out of Predator – well, the Infrared version, anyway.

What’s interesting is that according to the video, Natal can recognize whether you’re a boy or a girl using facial recognition technology, and adjusts your on-screen avatar (seen in the top-right box) accordingly. Also impressively is that it seems fairly lag-free, though whether that will still be the case when there’s actually a game running instead of just Infrared Robot-O-Vision remains to be seen.

Now, choose your own punchline to this news post:

A.) I can’t tell if the gender-recognition is going to make Natal integration with Fable III‘s sex scenes more or less awkward.

B.) What happens when the player is a Square-Enix protagonist?

(Via VG247)

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