The Escapist Presents
Minecraft 2011

Team Hollywood | 24 Jan 2012 12:00
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The coolest Minecraft creations and mods from the past year!


"Mining all Day Long" By Miracle of Sound

Featuring Footage From:

Minecraft Hogwarts - hoelker100

Space Battleship Yamato - MinceDD

Full Scale Minecraft Nimitz Class Aircraft Carrier - MozzieMineCraft

Minecraft Minis Tirath - Fishyyy

Mines of Moria - Daskenlicious

Minecraft Death Star - Tyken132

Quadruple Helix Spiral - Paradox460

Deathwing from WoW - Nessy

Star Wars - Death Star Trench Run - ParadiseDecay

The Simpsons opening in Minecraft - CraftedMovie

Minecraft: Pokémon Mod! - CaptainSparklez

Minecraft - Acid trip shader - invisible0tom

Zelda Adventure Trailer (v0.9.1) - TubeBazz

Mine4Dead[part1] - nopefully

Halocraft - Gameplay Preview - SidolaTehNerd