Wagner Meets Videogames Meets Arena Rock

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July 14th marks the next stop of the Video Games Live concert tour. The Houston show will combine music from videogames, performed by seventy-two musicians, sixty-member choir, as well as soloists.

“Our concert is not just for hard-core gamers,” says event producer Tommy Tallarico. “Half of our crowd are non-gamers.” The show will open with a medley of classic arcade music.

On hand will be guest composers of more recent music, such as Jason Hayes (World of Warcraft), Gerard K. Marino (God of War) Jack Wall (Jade Empire).

The show will also have synchronized lights, videos and interactive elements. Tallarico also notes that the event is supported by the game industry, and promotes the industry to the public.

There will be a meet and greet after the show for fans to get to know various designers and producers from Bungie, Epic, id, Gearbox, and Valve, among others.

“That’s the impossible thing to capture in any press release or any trailer,” Tallarico told the News Room, “It’s that magic that’s in the air. That evening of all these people in the room, who’ve been waiting their whole life for something like this.”

For more information, visit the Video Games Live website.

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