Walking Dead Inspired “Walker” Ale Contains Goat Brains

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Walker Beer

Philadelphia’s Dock Street Brewing Company plans to release a special ale inspired by The Walking Dead to coincide with the upcoming season finale.

With season four of The Walking Dead coming to a close this weekend, many fans of the series are preparing themselves for the sort of shocks that leave you wanting a drink. That in mind, the folks at Philadelphia’s Dock Street Brewing Company, will are preparing a special edition “Walker” ale to coincide that it will serve at a special event coinciding with the finale’s airing.

According to Dock Street, Walker ale will be a pale stout containing wheat, oats, flaked barley and organic cranberries. According to head brewer Justin Low, the beer will also contain “intriguing, subtle smoke notes” stemming to the ale’s other ingredient: smoked goat brains. This, of course, will make it a poor drink for any vegetarians in the show’s audience. That said, you’d be hard pressed to find a more appropriate drink to drown your zombie induced sorrows with.

Of course, if you’re less dedicated to a zombie specific drink and are just looking for a beer with nerdy origins you might also try the recently announced Klingon beer Warnog when it becomes available. I’d also personally suggest Hoptimus Prime. It doesn’t transform but it’s still good stuff. Dock Street’s Walker ale, meanwhile, will be made beginning on March 30th after a special event at the brewery.

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