Wannabe Valve Employee Creates Musical Job Application


If you can’t get Valve to read your resume, then getting Valve to listen to it might be the next best thing.

Erin Vondrak wants to work for Valve, and I mean she really wants to work for Valve. After two failed applications by more traditional methods, she’s turned to the medium of song in an effort to get the studio to give her a call.

It’s not just a song, of course, there’s an animation that goes with it, which highlights Vondrak’s positive qualities, her dedication to Valve, and her fear of giant squid. The Seattle-based Vondrak is an artist and photographer, and lists her interests as “drawing, tattooing, doing stupid animations in Flash, and making people laugh.”

It’s a rather adorable video, and while it’s not going to get her a job on its own, there are much worse ways of getting yourself noticed. She’s going to have to prove that she has what Valve is looking for if she’s serious about landing a job, but she has already shown that she’s determined and imaginative.

Source: Geeks Are Sexy

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