War Prime

The miniatures include design by a Diablo and Borderlands veteran.

Kingmaker games has launched a Kickstarter for a new line of Sci-Fi miniatures called War Prime. The miniatures, representing a variety of aliens, soldiers, and vehicles from a far-future setting, are in the same 28mm scale used by most other popular Sci-Fi tabletop games – most notably Warhammer 40,000. Citing an increase in the cost of miniatures in the past few years, Kingmaker hopes that its War Prime line of minis will stand as a lower-cost alternative to others’ products. If the current Kickstarter successfully funds, Kingmaker will distribute their miniatures through online channels afterwards.

War Prime is set in a future space where humanity rules a large empire that is being decimated by a “cosmic anomaly of unknown origin.” Seeing the humans’ weakness, other alien races step in to conquer long-lost territory or simply seek revenge on the dominant species.

You can check out the full project on Kickstarter.

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