Warcraft Movie “Officially” Finished Filming


Warcraft director Duncan Jones has confirmed that the movie has “officially” finished shooting.

If a movie’s based on a video game, it’s going to suck. If there’s a universally accepted rule among gamers, that’s pretty much it right there. Granted, there are some arguable exceptions, but they are vastly outnumbered by the Super Mario Brothers, Wing Commanders and Street Fighters of the world. That being the case, there are still some eager to take a swing at the adaptation game and it’s recently been revealed that one high profile project has recently taken an enormous step toward completion.

We’re talking, of course, about Legendary Picture’s Warcraft film which, according to director Duncan Jones, has ended its last day of shooting. “Final day on Warcraft now officially…wrapped,” said Jones in a Tweet.

Shooting for the film began back in January at the Canadian Motion Picture Park in Victoria, British Columbia. The movie is currently set to hit theaters on March 11th, 2016. Its distributors at Universal Pictures had originally intended for it be released in December 18th, 2015 but pushed it back to avoid competition with Star Wars: Episode VII which is scheduled to release that same day. An end to shooting, of course, doesn’t mean that work on the movie is completely finished. That said, it’s nonetheless an important milestone for what could be the best chance we’ve had in a long time to see a video game movie that doesn’t make audiences wish they were pedestrians in a Grand Theft Auto game.

Source: Twitter

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