Warcraft Romance Ends With Felony Charges


Angie L. Jenkins may find herself stuck in a dungeon of sorts after having sex with a minor that she met through World of Warcraft.

Romance in World of Warcraft is nothing new. Plenty of like-minded gamers have dated, fallen in love, and gotten married after meeting in this fantasy world. However, not all of these stories have happy endings. For Angie L. Jenkins, one such romance ended with felony charges after she drove across the country to sleep with a sixteen-year-old that she met through the online game.

Jenkins – who presumably isn’t related to the Leeroy Jenkins that made internet history a few years back – started chatting with the teenager last year. She told him that she was 21, when she was actually 35, and he told her that he was 20.

From there, the relationship moved from the internet to phone conversations, finally culminating in a cross-country trip to Amherst, New York, where the pair had sex in a parking lot. By this point, Jenkins was well-aware of the teenager’s real age, but had decided to pursue the relationship regardless.

While the question of how the authorities got involved remains unanswered, the case eventually made its way to the FBI. One subpoena later, Jenkins found herself indicted for the charge of “using the Internet to entice an underage person into sexual activity.”

Jenkins, who has been married twice and has five children, is believed to be the first woman to be charged with this crime in western New York.

For all of you kids out there playing World of Warcraft, be vigilant. That cute Night Elf that is totally into you may actually be a mother in her mid-thirties. You probably shouldn’t meet them in a parking lot.

Source: Buffalo News, via GamePolitics

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