WarCry’s GDC 2007 Age of Conan Preview


Age of Conan is the third game and second MMO on the way from Funcom. Published by Eidos, Age of Conan hopes to leverage the resurgent IP and publishing power of Eidos to take a swipe out of the MMO market later this year. We saw this dual-platform MMO (Xbox 360 version coming in ’08) at GDC and file this preview.

imageFor players, there are a number of ways to tackle a camp and few of them involving pulling away lone mindless automatons with a bow to fight them out of agro range. For example, a player could choose to try and sneak into the camp and distract the bulk of the forces, while his friends pick off stragglers. Like a puzzle, there are built in distractions for players to find and activate. Yet, this is only one way to peel the potato. Players can also try and find, catch and quickly neutralize the patrol before it sees them and reports back to the main force. Each camp can also scale itself to the size of its attackers. If a player is solo, it’s not very likely that a flood of extra bandits will come running out of the tents. If eight people are raiding, don’t expect them not to. Funcom was clear though that the number is partly random, just to keep players on their toes. One day, a group might take a camp in a walk and the next find it much stiffer competition.

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