Warhammer 40k 7th Edition May Be Coming This Month


Rumors about the coming of a new edition are flying, and Games Workshop has teased something for later this month.

Rumors are flying fast and furious on Warhammer 40,000 fan sites after Games Workshop pulled Warhammer 40k Sixth Edition rulebooks from retailers late last month. That action was followed up by a variety of leaks from within the notoriously secretive publisher, many of seemingly contradictory information. What we all know – and what Games Workshop has now teased – is that something is coming on the 24th of May. It’s almost definitely 7th Edition or something like it.

Currently, rumors say that the new core rulebook will be essentially Sixth Edition 40k with a handful of needed erratas and small updates. The changes will, supposedly be available free of charge as printable inserts for those who already own the Sixth Edition rulebook. The major updates possibly in the cards include the restriction of the controversial Allies system, the tweaking of the common psychic powers, formalization of the Escalation and Stronghold Assault missions, and tweaks to how saves work.

Wilder rumors flying include a Warhammer Fantasy style “Psychic Phase” separated from the rest of the game, a new Psychic Discipline, and a set of “Objective Cards” players draw from each turn. The wildest is that the force organization chart is completely out the window, allowing players to bring whatever they want to the field, and that it’s getting replaced with a system that incentivizes balanced forces but doesn’t require them. Those rumors in particular are backed up by purported leaks from the pages of White Dwarf itself.

Source: Bell of Lost Souls, 2

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