Warner Bros. Plans DC Superheroes as Harry Potter Replacement


Warner Bros. is banking on the DC Comics universe once the Harry Potter franchise leaves theaters.

It’s an understatement to say that the Harry Potter movies, six of which have already been released with a two-part final chapter still on the way, earn Warner Bros. an absurd amount of money. How will the company survive once its bespectacled source of cash flow can no longer sustain itself past the eighth movie? By relying on the vastness of the DC Comics universe, that’s how.

Warner Bros. president Alan Horn confirmed at a presentation this week that the DC superheroes would basically be replacing Harry Potter in its “tent pole” release strategy, through which a few major releases are put out every year. Harry Potter has been a sure bet for this strategy, as the films resonate with magicians and non-magicians alike across the world. Warner needs a consistent stable of future sure bets, and it’s planning to tap into the DC universe to do so.

According to Collider, the next big DC superhero movie announcement will be for The Flash. We already know that a successor to The Dark Knight is virtually guaranteed, that a Superman reboot is on the fast-track, and a Green Lantern movie starring Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan is set for 2011. We’ll supposedly be hearing more about The Flash soon.

The fact that Warner Bros. is being so bold as to call its future use of DC superheroes a replacement to Harry Potter should excite comics fans. With Batman, Superman, The Flash, and Green Lantern already tied up, I’m curious as to which additional heroes Warner will end up bringing to the big screen, though Wonder Woman is a fairly popular choice. I’m just not sure if the special effects technology is really there yet to create something as incredible as her invisible jet.

Source: Collider

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