Washington Police Does a Megatron on Bumblebee


The Washington D.C. police force has done do what Megatron and all his Decepticon buddies have only ever dreamed of: Put Bumblebee down for good.

Alas, poor Bumblebee. He ain’t pretty no more. The cute, iconic little Autobot was minding his own business on the streets of Washington when Barricade’s bigger, meaner cousin jumped him from out of nowhere, catching him with a vicious knuckle sandwich and sending him off to Transformer heaven. A few brave, thoughtful fleshlings jumped in to cover his remains moments after the brutal beatdown, but Optimus Prime himself, who was present during the attack, seemed surprisingly unconcerned.

Or perhaps it was simply a police SUV that collided with a yellow Chevrolet Camaro during the filming of the new Transformers film, The Dark of the Moon. And it could have been that the driver of the SUV, a 25-year veteran of the Washington D.C. police force and “senior explosive ordinance technician,” was responding to a call about a suspicious package when he drove onto a stretch of road being used for the movie. It’s also possible that he was using a different radio frequency than officers who had secured the scene and apparently didn’t realize that he was driving through a movie set.

The Metropolitan Police Department of Washington D.C. is sticking with the latter story, saying that the officer involved was responding to an “emergency assignment” prior to the collision and that filming has been suspended until “safety procedures can be reviewed.” Fortunately, the officer sustained only minor injuries.

Pity, really. I’d pay good money to see Bumblebee get his lights put out once and for all.


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