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GOG is now selling the RPG classic Wasteland for $5.99.

While for many the Fallout series is the standard face of post-apocalyptic gaming experiences, others with a taste for older vintages might point to Wasteland. Originally released in 1988, it introduced players to a future American landscape scorched to an atomic crisp and littered with mutants, bandits and monsters all happy to take you down for what little you had. It’s arguably one of the more influential games of its time and is widely regarded as one of the great classics of its era.

Now, old school fans and new gamers alike can enjoy a fresh opportunity to Wasteland for a spin. This opportunity comes, of course, from GOG which is now selling it for a mere $5.99. As with all products sold by GOG, Wasteland will be DRM-free and packaged with extra goodies, some of which you’re probably going to want/need to play the game. Games of this time period, for instance, made good use of their manuals. Likewise, the inclusion of a “Wasteland Survival Guide” is something we could see coming in handy.

As we noted back in August, Wasteland will also be making a debut on Steam at some point in the future. Also, if you happen to be among those who contributed to inXile’s Wasteland 2 funding campaign, you may want to hop over to Kickstarter where it’s possible you’ll find a complimentary voucher code for a GOG or Steam copy waiting for you in your inbox.

Source: GOG

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