Wastelander Panda Gleefully Blends Pandas And Post-Apocalypse Action


You know you’re in for a good time when you’ve got a panda bear wandering the wasteland, swinging a machete.

Let’s be honest about something: Pandas probably don’t sit too high up on your list of who’s going to survive the apocalypse. That may change after you watch this trailer for Wastelander Panda, which seems to be channelling Mad Max, Kung Fu Panda and The Book of Eli.

The trailer was created by Epic Films, an independent film group out of Australia. According to the company’s description, this is the prologue for a TV series it’s currently in the process of developing, but further details are pretty hard to find at the moment.

If this video featured a regular dude making his way through the wasteland, I’m not sure I’d be quite so entertained by it. Sure, the photography is lovely anyway, and the voice-over is nice, but the presence of an anthropomorphic panda bear is what really crafts the mystery that you want to investigate.

Source: Epic Films via Geeks Are Sexy

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