Watch Any Xbox One Game Clips Without Smartglass

Xbox One

Watch Xbox One game clips without the Smartglass app, even if they aren’t published.

Currently, Microsoft only allows for uploaded game clips from Xbox One to be viewed through the system itself or through their own Smartglass app. Reddit user cadab built his own solution by creating a website that gives users access to all saved game clips, even if they haven’t been published. Searching by gamertag will bring up all saved game clips, uncompressed. Cadab’s website accesses Xbox One clips that have been uploaded to the cloud by players.

The ability to access unpublished videos is a privacy concern and it is likely that Microsoft will respond, but so far the site’s creator has not been contacted. The website itself is only a few hours old at this time and is receiving enough traffic that cadab has had to make hosting adjustments already. Still, it is an easier way to access game clips and may signify to Microsoft that their users would take advantage of a similar, official service.

Source: XboxClips, reddit

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