Watch Dogs is The Fastest Selling New IP in The UK Ever

Watch Dogs Gun Down

Watch Dogs has beaten out previous record holder, L.A. Noire for fastest selling new IP.

Everyone knew that Ubisoft’s upcoming “hack everything” title Watch Dogs was going to be big, but maybe not quite this big. The title has skyrocketed up the UK charts to become the fastest selling new IP in history, beating out previous record holder L.A. Noire by more than half its first week sales again.

Watch Dogs also beat out Ubisoft’s previous peak for launch week sales – set in 2012 by Assassin’s Creed 3 – by more than 17 per cent. Overall, the game is the 17th biggest game launch in the UK of all time, and only titles from the four biggest established franchises – GTA, FIFA, Call of Duty and Battlefield – have ever sold more.

The majority of titles were sold for Sony’s PlayStation 4, which also enjoyed a 94 percent increase in sales for the game’s launch week.

Elsewhere in the charts, Nintendo’s Mario Kart 8 turned up comfortably in second place – being the biggest Wii U game launch in the UK to date, and the second best launch for a Mario Kart title ever in the UK. It has managed to push the sales of Wii U consoles up a whopping 666 per cent this week.

Following Mario Kart were Wolfenstein: The New Order, FIFA 14 and Minecraft PS3 Edition in third, forth and fifth place respectively.

Source: Eurogamer

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