Watch Dogs on Next-Gen Equal to PC on “High” Settings, Says Director


Watch Dogs on the PS4 and Xbox One should look as good as the second highest PC setting.

What is going on with Watch Dogs? At first, we saw some pretty crazy PC specifications, which were eventually toned down (although they do still require an 8-Core-CPU), then there was that whole 1080p 60FPS on PS4 kerfuffle. But now, Watch Dogs creative director Jonathan Morin is stating that the next-gen versions will look the same as the PC version on “high” settings, despite saying the exact opposite thing just a few months ago.

At this point, I don’t know what to tell you. Morin specifically stated in March that PS4 version was “close” to the PC version, but that the game’s lighting, rain simulation, depth of field and particle effects would be rendered at a higher resolution on the PC. To be fair, there is an “Ultra” setting for the PC, so while he didn’t explicitly mention it, perhaps this is what he was talking about.

We’re also expected to believe that while a Core i7 is “recommended” for the PC version of the game, the console versions will be able to perform the same feat on a considerably weaker APU?

If you’re planning on picking this one up on PC, it may be worth it to wait and see how others with similar set-ups to yours are able to run it first.

Source: Twitter

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