Watch Eight Minutes of DayZ Standalone Gameplay


The raw, unedited, multiplayer gameplay footage offers a glimpse into the game’s development.

Are you excited about DayZ‘s standalone release? Well, you may wanna check out this glorious eight minutes of raw, unedited gameplay footage to tide you over until its release. Dean Hall, the lead developer who uploaded the footage, stresses that this is a very early alpha build of the game, and the plentiful bugs that feature in the video are in no way representative of the final product.

“This is pre-alpha footage, so it makes no effort to mask the variety of bugs. Our whole focus is on getting the alpha out, which means focusing on Multiplayer (server) performance. Enjoy and see you soon!”

In the video, the player kills some zombies, collects some loot, reads a compass, eats some food, and drinks some water. Despite being a “multiplayer server”, he doesn’t actually run in to any other human players. The engine itself looks very pretty, provided you don’t mind copious amounts of motion blur (hopefully we can turn that off in the full release).

DayZ, which started its life as an immensely popular Arma 2 mod, was announced to be getting a full standalone version last year. It’s been a bit of a rocky road since then, with an 2012 deadline slipping into 2013, and even now, we don’t have a solid release date. The game did pop up in the Steam database recently, but given the state of this footage, a release still seems a ways off.

Be sure to check out the indie developer’s official website for details and updates concerning the game’s development.

Source: YouTube

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