Watch God of War III‘s Poseidon Boss Fight Now


If you want to watch nine minutes of straight God of War III footage (in German) featuring the game’s spectacle-worthy fight against Poseidon, then why haven’t you clicked this yet?


The above footage comes to the internet courtesy of, and as one might expect for a German website, all of the narration and dialogue is entirely in Deutsch. Still, beyond providing a momentary “Huh, so that’s what Kratos sounds like in German,” it does nothing to take away from the spectacle on screen.

The nine-minute clip shows a ton of raw God of War III gameplay, including the battle with Poseidon – presumably a very early boss fight, seeing as how it takes place atop the head and shoulders of the titan Gaia. If anyone was worried that God of War III would not share the fantastic sense of scale of its predecessors, worry no more.

GoW3 is looking absolutely fantastic so far. This is easily one of the best-looking games we’ve ever seen, which makes for one hell of a visual treat. Some of the animations don’t look quite as smooth as I’d like (we’ve been spoiled by Uncharted) but it still looks incredible. Kratos’ may be getting quite the grand finale after all.

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