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Watch Team PWR and Guests Take Garnier’s Anti-Blemish Blackout Challenge to the Next Level

The blackout challenge is back!

This article is written in partnership with Garnier.

Can Team PWR beat the blackout twice? 

Garnier and Team PWR are back with their blindfolded blackout challenges. Can talent and teamwork see Team PWR through? Or will Garnier’s new challenges have them fumbling in the dark?  

To highlight the power of Garnier’s Anti-Blemish Serum, Garnier has challenged Team PWR to a series of grueling blackout challenges. Working in pairs, one blindfolded, one acting as guide, the first Fortnite round put these Aussie gamers’ co-operative skills to the test. But PWR pulled through, wowing viewers with some surprising strategies. And now Garnier is challenging Team PWR to take it to the next level. 

Team PWR are donning their blindfolds for more sight-limited shenanigans, but Garnier will also be blacking out other senses. Can Vindooly, Nalopia, Chanzes and friends still PWR each other up when they can’t even hear where they are? Garnier’s Anti-Blemish Serum’s lightweight black texture may rub in clear, but Team PWR will be left in the dark. 

And while PWR have the power of teamwork to see them through, several big-name streamers will be stepping up to take on their own unique challenges. Here’s when and where you can find out. 

 Stream DatePWR MemberDuo-ing with
Duo 110 June 8PM AEDTVindoolyNalopia
Duo 215 June 2PM AEDTOverstrandLuminumn
Duo 316 June 8PM AEDTChanzesDevelique

It’s not just Team PWR and guests who can win with Garnier’s blackout streams. Each Team PWR duo will be giving away some amazing prizes, so you could win big just for tuning in. For a tantalising taste of what to expect, check out the epic highlights from the last blackout challenge.  Be prepared for something very special from Team PWR and Garnier this October, too.

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Video via Team PWR

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