Watch the Beginning of Alan Wake Online


Want to see parts of the first few levels in Remedy’s upcoming psychological thriller Alan Wake? One helpful fan has posted six minutes of excerpts from the game’s beginning online.

Alan Wake, a “psychological action” title about a novelist who takes a getaway with his wife to a remote village to help him with his writers’ block only to find crazy sh*t going down, was one of the most highly-anticipated titles for the Xbox 360 when it was originally announced in 2005. Now, five years later, it’s actually seeing the light of day, scheduled for release in May.

And judging by the six or so minutes of clips from the game, it’s looking pretty good. I’m particularly interested by the mechanic where you need to shine your flashlight at monsters in order to make them vulnerable. It has the potential to get very annoying if used incorrectly, but it could also be very effective in communicating a feeling of dread or vulnerability, since it seems that Alan moves more slowly when he’s got his flashlight up.

The game is out on May 18th in the US, and May 21st in the UK and Europe.

(AGB, via VG247)

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