Watch_Dogs Finally Comes to Wii U – 115 Days Late

Watch Dogs Gun Down

Wii U Watch_Dogs fans will finally get to play the game, five months after it launched on other platforms.

Remember Watch_Dogs? The delay-plagued Ubisoft open-world “hack anything” game? It may have released months ago for PC, Sony, and Microsoft console owners, but poor Wii U fans have been very patiently waiting to use their gamepad to hack traffic lights. Initially rumored to have been cancelled outright, Ubisoft did eventually toss its Wii U fans a bone, saying that the game would be out “this fall.” Now, we finally have a solid release date. Watch_Dogs will release for the Wii U on November 20 – 115 days after its initial launch.

“Unlock Chicago on your GamePad with Watch_Dogs on Wii U!” Tweeted Ubisoft, adding “Available November 20.” Watch_Dogs was initially released on May 27 for the PC, PS4, PS3, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. It was met with mostly favorable reviews, and many agreed that the developers decision to delay the game for six months was probably the right move.

However, the additional delay for the Wii U version certainly isn’t helping the system shake away its “poor third-party support” image that Nintendo has constantly struggled with. Hopefully, the Wii U version, with its unique gamepad, turns out to be worth the wait.

There was a slight controversy surrounding the PC version of Watch_Dogs, when modders discovered a suite of hidden “E3” settings that suggested Ubisoft deliberately tweaked the game for its E3 presentation to look better than it was possible to look in the un-modded retail release.

Wii U owners, are you going to get Watch_Dogs? Or did you already buy it for another system?

Source: Twitter

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