WCG 2006: Counter-Strike Elimination Update


Two more teams head home as the Counter-Strike elimination round draws to a close.

The ballroom lit up with Stacker2-fueled adrenaline and adolescent testosterone this afternoon as four teams competed to see who would be competing in the Counter-Strike finals Sunday morning.

Team3D, the early favorite, looked to be slipping in their first of three matches against Pandemic, who eked by with a 16-14 win.

“Three outside!” shouted one Team3D member, clearly looking for support from his teammates. The most vocal team on the floor, one wonders if it’s their communication, their fat playbook or the animated verbal instruction from their extremely vocal coach that gives them their edge. Whatever it may be, Team3D made some adjustments and poured on the hurt, coming back strong with near shut-out victories over Pandemic in the remaining two matches.

On the other side of the ballroom, Zex faced off against United 5 in two very close matches. “Just one more!” Shouted one United 5 team member, as the team sewed up round 15 in their second match. According to WCG regulations, the first team to win the best of 30 match-ups takes the victory. And this time that team was United 5.

The ballroom erupted in cheers as they finished out the match, beating Zex 16-11.

The quintet will go on to face Team 3D tomorrow at 11:30am Vegas time to see which team will be going to Italy next month for the WCG World Championships.

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