What Demon Rules Your Life?


We all have less savory parts to our personality. On which demon can you blame yours?

Okay, okay, let’s admit it here: We’re all human here (except for you robots) which means that we are all inherently flawed. You know it, I know it; we all know it. Maybe we lie. Maybe we cheat. Maybe we’re guilty of getting too angry, or of passing judgment on others too quickly. Maybe we’re just really, really unfortunate.

Luckily, being human means that we can also blame our foibles and flaws on other things. Like, for instance, little supernatural entities.

We here at The Escapist have delved into musty tomes of ye olde forgottene loree in search of some lesser-known demons – much, much, much lesser-known, and we totally didn’t make them up at all – and decided to ask the question: Which of them governs your life? Which of these little pesky creatures nags at you every day?

Of course, if you don’t agree that this is your own personal demon, you can always take our personality quiz again!

Take our demon quiz here!

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