What Is the Cast of Star Trek: TNG Actually Saying?


The conversations that we heard Captain Picard, Geordi LaForge and Data had on the bridge of the Enterprise might not have been what they were actually saying … at least, not from a lip-reader’s point of view.

I have immense respect for people who can read lips, because it is an incredibly difficult skill to learn. If nothing else, that is something that you should take away from the above clip, because it shows just how easily our brain can be confused into thinking that somebody is saying one thing when they’re actually saying something else entirely.

The other thing to take away from the above clip is that when you’re confused into thinking that someone is saying something that they’re not, it can be completely hilarious. I literally laughed until I cried. This is gold, Jerry. Gold!

(And okay, okay, Susan Arendt was the one who found this one. Credit where credit is due.)

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