if you are wondering what the max level is you can get in Hogwarts Legacy and how to get there, here is the answer

What Is the Max Level in Hogwarts Legacy?

Many Hogwarts Legacy players are arriving to the game with the goal of becoming the most powerful witch or wizard they can. Whether they’re attempting to emulate Dumbledore’s impressive mastery of magic or become the greatest, most dangerous wizard of all time like Voldemort, the Hogwarts Legacy leveling up system has a lot to explore and ways to grow more powerful. But if you are wondering what the max level is you can get in Hogwarts Legacy, here is the answer.

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The Maximum Level in Hogwarts Legacy Is 40: Here’s How to Get There

Players who work through the game’s main story quest should really have no issues making it to level 40, as in order to play the last mission in the main storyline, players will have to already be at level 37. Once a player does reach level 40, they will receive the “A Forte for Achievement” trophy.

For players looking for ways to expedite the process and get to level 40 faster, there are a number of ways to regularly gain XP. First, battles and taking out enemies is one of the quickest to work towards leveling up. Plus, as the player unlocks new spells and stats through leveling up, defeating enemies becomes that much easier.

Sidequest completion also offers some impressive XP points, as does finding key in-game collectibles. Because players who are going for level 40 will be completing the full main story, it’s important to note that every field guide page can bring plenty of XP and get you closer to that final mission as well.

That’s everything there is to know about the max level in Hogwarts Legacy and how to reach it. Maybe there’s an upside to being forced to fight spiders after all.

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