What’s O.L.D. Is N.E.W Crunch-Heavy RPG Kickstarter Ends Soon


The Kickstarter campaign for the O.L.D. and N.E.W. crunchy fantasy and sci-fi tabletop RPGs ends tomorrow.

EN Publishing’s Kickstarter campaign for its pair of tabletop RPGs is coming to an end, having successfully raised over £35,000 – that’s roughly $60,000. Titled O.L.D. and N.E.W., the two games can operate entirely independent of each other in their respective medieval fantasy and sci-fi settings, or can be seamlessly integrated for those who wish to cross genres.

Both games use the same rules system but come in a separate book, with distinct careers/traditions, equipment, races/species, monsters, and so on. Neither game has a default setting, but rather encourage you to develop your own setting, and they offer extensive tools to allow you to do so, with options for how hard you want your sci-fi to be and how high-magic you want your fantasy to be.

The rules system is crunchy, allowing players to optimize characters, build starships, design planets, spells, magic items, settings, races, and more. The combat system is tactical, with a focus on movement and positioning, and an interesting countdown mechanic adds a measurable degree of tension in a way that is treated in a much more abstract way by other game systems.

Rules for herbalism and alchemy will have you concocting potions, and entire chapters are dedicated to building strongholds and starships – which makes a part of me giggle with excitement. Better still, the strongholds/starships effectively “level up” as the campaign progresses – provided you invest in improvements.

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