When Sega Met Apple: The iCast


This is what happens with late 90s technology collides: A Dreamcast housed inside an iMac G3, otherwise known as the iCast.

Here’s a story about two products that launched at the close of the 20th century. Apple’s iMac revamped the Apple brand with its crazy colored plastic design and set the company on the road to becoming the coolest kid in class that it is today. Sega’s Dreamcast was supposed to do something similar with its wacky name, built-in modem and VMU, but well, we all know what happened with that.

But while Apple went one way and Sega went another, the iMac and the Dreamcast can now exist happily together in this nicely conceived and executed homage to the days gone by when getting an email address was a novelty and Jeff Goldblum could convince you that the internet wasn’t something to be afraid of.

The iCast project started when CGCC forums user Logicdustbin found himself with a couple old iMac G3s lying around the house and a 15″ LCD monitor. Sticking the monitor into an iMac made enough sense, but what to do next? “Since [the LCD] fit in nicely, it was an easy decision to slap a Dreamcast inside,” Logicdustbin wrote. They say genius comes in flashes.

Once he figured out how to get the console inside, it was a matter of modding the controller ports, adding some switches and flourishes, and beefing up the iMac’s speakers. The end result looks basically like an iMac, except for the controller ports in the front and the fact that you can play Sega Rally 2 on it. Even the default power switch on the Mac is wired to turn on the console and the monitor at the same time.

Pretty neat. Now how about making this official and having Apple team up with Sega to make the Dreamcast 2. Please?

[Via Engadget]

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