If you are wondering where exactly does Resident Evil 4 take place, here is the full answer, based on what Capcom has provided - unnamed rural village in Spain with the Ganados

Resident Evil 4 casts you as Leon Kennedy, on a mission to rescue the American president’s daughter from some worryingly red-eyed villagers. You’re a long way from Racoon City — that’s for sure. But just where are you? Where does Resident Evil 4 take place? Read on for the answer.

Resident Evil 4 Takes Place in a Small, Unnamed Village in Rural Spain

Resident Evil 4 takes place in Spain, in a village that, even if the inhabitants weren’t infected with a bioweapon, probably wouldn’t see visitors that often. Some games give their fictional locales names, such as Hitman’s Sapienza, but that’s not the case here. Instead, it’s just a village in rural Spain.

So what can we tell you about it? For a start, the village is relatively isolated both geographically and culturally. We’d have to get into spoiler territory to say more, but the fact that the village still uses pesetas, two years after the euro was introduced, underlines that. In 2004, when the game takes place, pesetas were no longer legal currency. But this village has either decided to press on with its traditional coinage, or they just didn’t know about the change.

And, while Resident Evil 4 is fiction, there are plenty of remote towns and villages around the world. Take Glasgow, Montana, which is over four hours from the nearest city. Admittedly, America is pretty big, but Europe has plenty of its own remote towns.

Can we narrow it down any more than just rural Spain? We know that it’s relatively close to the coast and that it’s set in a fairly mountainous region, though the village itself isn’t on a mountainside. But there are plenty of mountains in Spain, so that’s not a great help.

Ultimately, Resident Evil 4 is set in a rural, mountainous region of Spain, in an unnamed isolated village near the coast. That’s as much as there is to say about where Resident Evil 4 takes place.

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