Where To Find Every Crash Bandicoot 1 Gem Color In The N. Sane Trilogy


When it comes to Gem collecting in Crash Bandicoot, one type of Gem stands tall above all the rest — the Color Gems. These special collectibles can only be unlocked in certain stages, and we’re here to explain how to do it.

What’s so great about Color Gems? Every stage has a Clear Gem you can unlock for breaking every single crate. That’s all well and good, but some areas are blocked off if you don’t unlock a specific color of gem. Basically, after finishing every level, your first priority for 100% completion is getting the Color Gems.

It’s also worth noting that regular Clear Gems don’t make you complete levels in one life anymore. But, if you want to earn Color Gems, you’ll need to finish without dying once. You can also break crates using TNT or stage hazards, which is a welcome change over the originals.

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All Color Gem Locations Guide

[i]Some Gems aren’t like the basic Clear Gems Crash Bandicoot gets for smashing every crate. These special Color Gems, when earned, unlock new areas in previous levels. Ever finished a level and didn’t know where you missed all those crates? It’s probably because you needed a Color Gem.[/I]

NOTE: All Color Gem stages must be completed one one life. If you die, you’ll need to exit and restart the stage.

The Lost City (Green Gem)

x2 Crates: Behind the metal wall right at the start.

x4 Crates: In the background after passing the first push block.

x1 Crate (1st Bonus Stage Face): In the background room where the bat swarm spawns.

x1 Crate: Down the long hall just below the hanging bat.

x1 Crate (1st Nitrus Bonus Stage Face): On the platform, beneath the floating Nitrus face. Bounce on it to grab the face.

x2 Crates (2nd Bonus Stage Face): Down another background hallway ahead.

2nd Nitrus Bonus Stage Face: At the pushing blocks trap, use the lizard enemy to bounce up onto blocks when they’re pushing to reach the Nitrus face.

x1 Crate: Can’t miss it while climbing the moving platforms.

x1 Crate: On the left, near the second rotating platform. Hop on it to make crates appear above.

x6 Crates (3rd Nitrus Bonus Stage Face): In the room behind the Nitrus Bonus Stage teleporter.

x21 Crates: Complete the Nitrus Bonus Stage to get these crates.

x2 Crates: Past the pushing blocks trap, on two separate platforms.

x1 Crate (3rd Bonus Stage Face): The last bonus stage face is in a crate right next to the teleporter.

x33 Crates: There are 33 crates in the Bonus Stage. Complete it (without dying!) to move on.

x1 Crate: On a platform near the end of the stage. Can’t miss it.

x3 Crates: In the background at the end of the stage. Use the lizard to hit the “!” crate to make these appear.

Generator Room (Orange Gem)

x5 Crates: Right at the start of the stage. Two are behind the monitor on the right.

x2 Crates: On the platform before the turn right. Hit the center (non-TNT) crate to set the TNT timer.

x1 Crate (1st Bonus Stage Face): Right after the metal “!” crate that you’ll also need to hit.

x11 Crates: On the right side as you progress, there’s a long line of metal / breakable crates. Jump off them and smash the crates at the end of the path.

x1 Crate: Above a checkpoint crate.

x1 Crate (2nd Bonus Stage Face): On the platforms as you move left from the checkpoint.

x2 Crates (3rd Bonus Stage Face): Two crates are right next to the Bonus Stage Teleporter, one contains the final face pickup you’ll need to unlock the stage.

x8 Crates: Break every box in the Bonus Stage.

x4 Crates: Move right from the Bonus Stage teleporter and you’ll run into four crates at the curve.

x9 Crates: In the short tunnel after completing multiple jumps across vertically-moving floating platforms.

x3 Crates: After smashing through the wall of crates, jump across more platforms to find this set of three. Two of them are TNT, so you’ll need to smash the center crate to avoid taking damage. Better to bring one mask so you can take a hit.

x3 Crates: The final set of crates are next to the exit door.

Toxic Waste (Blue Gem)

x4 Crates: To the left and right, at the start of the level.

x1 Crate: Up the first ramp.

x6 Crates (1st Bonus Stage Face): Can’t miss them. Just ahead, to the left and right.

x2 Crates: On the right past another barrel-throwing goon.

x2 Crates (2nd Bonus Stage Face): Past the barrel goon, smash the two crates on the left.

x1 Crate: On the small side-platform, after taking out the third barrel-rolling bad guy.

x2 Crates: On the left, when you first start encountering bouncy barrels.

x1 Crate: On the left, again, after defeating a barrel thug.

x4 Crates: Straight ahead, there’s another stack of crates with two TNTs.

x1 Crate (3rd Bonus Stage Face): Right next to the Bonus Stage teleporter.

x13 Crates: All inside the Bonus Stage.

Slippery Climb (Red Gem)

x3 Crates: In the alcoves right at the start of the stage.

x2 Crates: In the window as you ride the first horizontal platforms.

x2 Crates: Also in a doorway, after defeating the grabby-hand prisoner enemy.

x2 Crates: Jump inside the doorway between the two spinning platforms.

x2 Crates (1st Nitrus Bonus Stage Face): In the alcove.

x1 Crate: In the door with the checkpoint crate.

x2 Crates: Just before riding the lift up at the left edge of the castle.

x2 Crates: Not in an alcove for once, these are on a platform as you climb up the castle walls. Can’t miss them.

x2 Crates: One is above and one is below the checkpoint as you climb the castle wall.

x2 Crates (2nd Nitrus Bonus Stage Face): As you move right, find these in an alcove. Still very easy to spot.

x1 Crate: In an alcove, right before reaching the three grabby-hands enemies.

x2 Crates (3rd Nitrus Bonus Stage Face): The last bonus stage piece is directly behind the Nitrus Teleporter.

x19 Crates: All in the Nitrus Bonus Stage.

x2 Crates: Say it again — two crates are in an alcove. This one is near the spinning platforms as you move right.

x4 Crates: In the pair of alcoves right at the exit to the stage.

The Lab (Yellow Gem)

x1 Crate (1st Bonus Stage Face): In the third room of the level, before Crash has to deal with the tesla coil electricity arcs.

x1 Crate (2nd Bonus Stage Face): Straight ahead, near another “!” metal crate.

x7 Crates: In the room past the slime monster, you’ll find two piles of crates. The first pile hides a metal “!” crate. The second has a TNT crate in the center, so jump on them instead of using a spin-attack.

x2 Crates (3rd Bonus Stage Face): Two crates are on the path toward the Bonus Stage teleport.

x12 Crates: Smash all 12 crates in the Bonus Stage. To avoid missing them, make sure you jump to the second bounce crate before destroying it.

x4 Crates: Can’t miss these. You’ll have to destroy three TNT crates to get at the hidden metal “!” crate underneath. When the door opens, another crate is revealed.

x2 Crates: On the path to the end.

X3 Crates: There are three TNT crates you’ll need to break that create a bridge to the exit. Wait for them to explore before leaving to grab the gem.

Lights Out (Purple Gem)

x1 Crate: At the start. These special masks also provide light that slightly dissipates after collecting them, so move fast!

x1 Crate: Can’t miss it. You’ll need to hit it to keep the light going.

x1 Crate: By the checkpoint.

x2 Crates: On the carpeted floor between floating platforms.

x2 Crates: On the floor, again, before running into red-eyed rats.

x1 Crate: By another checkpoint.

x2 Crates: Directly in your path, like all the rest of the crates (so far) in this stage.

x3 Crates: If you’ve unlocked the Yellow Gem, you can use it to ride up to an alternate exit, making completing this stage and getting the last gem way, way easier.

With all the Color Gems, you can now return to previous stages and find every single crate. Certain gems allow Crash to access alternate sections of the level!

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