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Where to Watch the Yellowjackets TV Show

Where to Watch Yellowjackets

Yellowjackets is quite a show. It starts out as Mean Girls meets Alive and then.. well, we’re not going to spoil it for you here, but you can check out a primer here to see if it tickles your fancy. In our opinion, it’s absolutely worth watching, especially as it’s just returned for its second season. If this show does seem like it might be to your taste, you might be wondering where to watch the Yellowjackets TV show. Here’s the answer. 

Yellowjackets is Exclusive to Showtime, But You Should, Eventually, Be Able to Watch It in Physical Format

Yellowjackets is exclusive to Showtime. The only way to watch it in the US as it’s released is via Showtime. You can watch it online or live on air, but finding it anywhere else is unlikely to happen any time soon. 

If you’re not watching the show as it airs, you can actually catch it a couple of days earlier via Showtime’s own streaming and web service. Each season of Yellowjackets is released episode by episode, so there’s no bingeing a single season when it drops. 

However, Showtime has been releasing the show onto Blu-Ray and DVD a good half a year after it airs. Yellowjackets Season 1 aired in November 2021 and later hit physical formats in July 2022. There’s a good chance that the second seas will follow the same trajectory, and you’ll be able to watch it offline by the end of 2023. But if you don’t want to wait around, subscribing to Showtime is the way to go.  

And that’s all you need to know on the topic of where to watch the Yellowjackets TV show. 

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