Whispers of The Old Gods‘s Rogue and Paladin Legendaries Revealed


“Ragnaros, Lightlord” is a hilarious “anti-corruption” version of the classic Ragnaros card.

Blizzard still continues its (painfully) slow reveal of cards for it’s upcoming Hearthstone expansion pack: Whispers of The Old Gods, this time giving us a glimpse at two more class legendaries that are quite unique.

Here are all of the cards that have been revealed since we last checked in:

If you’re wondering what these “toxin” cards that Xaril gives you are, here’s a full list of them. They are very similar to the “spare parts” cards that were ubiquitous with the Goblins vs. Gnomes expansion.

If you’re looking at some of those cards, particulary “Ragnaros, Lightlord” and thinking “But what about my lore?!?!” Senior Game Designer Ben Brode explained to IGN that Hearthstone takes place in a kind of “what-if” universe, and the team thought it would be fun to “anti-corrupt” some classically evil cards.

“Imagine a world where Ragnaros says ‘Live Insect’ at the end of your turn and heals you instead of dealing 8 damage to your opponent! This is a better world is it not?”

Source: Blizzard

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