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To the editor – I just received the Friday Extra notice… the content and tone of the magazine is excellent! Keep up the good work. It looks wonderful. I love it!


To the editor – I say but this: Oh my, it’s all going a bit downhill really, isn’t it? I mean, after a cracking first issue, you go and publish that trollop.

For a start, you didn’t even reply to people’s letters! What kind of letter-section is that? No sharp reparté. No serious discussion. Nothing. Not a sausage. How lazy!

Secondly, I couldn’t manage to find a “point” in any of the articles except for Tom Chick’s, and even then it seemed a bit tentative.

Thridly [sic], that awful Max Steele person. I can’t believe you gave such a high word count to the cretin. Kieron’s article in the first one was great. Well written and you could follow it. Max Steele’s, being the main article of the second issue, was a match to Gillen’s floodlight. It was crap. Not only were his Mr. T impressions tiresome and wretched, but they were just plain poor. He can’t do the humourous-third person-thingy very humourously to be frank.

Fourthly, whilst I understand the Mag is an American ‘based’ one, could it be less Amerocentric? The first issue managed it quit well, but the second one was a slop of flag waving rubbish.

I hope the third edition will be as good as the first.

-Pod aka Lee

To the editor – Just wanted to say thanks for another fine issue. Although it may not have been your intent, I thought that all the articles in this issue – along with “The Contrarian” from the last issue – actually form a great sort of “buyer’s guide” to the mobile market. Part of the reason this works so well is because your articles don’t dwell on purely “hardcore” technical issues like other publications do – the speed of the processor, the polygons it can push, how feature-loaded it is – which tend to present a very unilateral view of gaming.

Instead, each one of your articles reframes the mobile market in interesting ways that are relevant to consumers, and in so doing they helped me decide which system I identify the most with. (Hint: it has the letters “D” and “S” in it.)

By the way, is “Max Steele” that guy’s real name? If I had an awesome name like that, I’d always refer to myself in the third person too.


To the editor – How is it The Escapist fails to display itself adequately in my browser, while other people talk of the magnificent fit? I can only conclude that you hate me, and others like myself.

I see this as a harsh and unfair judgment about people you have never met, and hope that you will endeavour to see past this unjustified belief and present some tips to allow The Escapist to be read as it deserves, rather than as it currently appears, with the navigation bar obscuring some text, while other text runs off the page and disappears to who knows where.


-Tom Camfield

To the editor – I just had to tell you the thrill I got when I found my way to The Escapist (through Slashdot, I believe) this past week. I was raised on Atari and old DOS games (I never did master pole vaulting in Decathlon); last year I finally bought myself an X-Box specifically so that I could beat Jet Set Radio Future, after getting sucked back into gaming through ARGs. I’ve just recently started to really ponder the swirl of debate surrounding modern gaming, particularly the intense disapproval that games like GTA and Halo provoke in most of my otherwise very liberal friends. The Escapist is precisely what I’ve been thirsting for: intelligent, insightful, and written by people who truly understand games.

Thanks for putting this amazing publication together, and keep it coming!!

-Beth Long

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