Why This Jetpack is Close to Making Fantasy a Reality


We’ve all been fantasizing of the day that jetpacks escape the realm of science fiction and enter the real world. Thus far, there hasn’t been much to get our hopes up about. Enter the JB-9 jetpack, the most genuine jetpack ever built.

While somewhat functional jetpacks have been produced in recent years, they’ve all been flawed to varying degrees. Whether the jetpacks have been too bulky, too cumbersome or too impractical (needing to be launched from an airplane, for example), at least one important aspect has always been amiss.

But the JB-9 jetpack is different. As you can see in the video footage, it’s quite compact despite utilizing turbojet engines. It’s relatively easy to handle, using either your body weight or hand controls to navigate. It’s practical with its ten minutes of flying time. And, perhaps most importantly, the jetpack is useful due to the fact that it can reach speeds of approximately 100 MPH.

Unfortunately, fantasy isn’t ready to become reality just yet. The company behind the JB-9 isn’t in a rush to put these on the market. In fact, Jetpack Aviation has been hard at work for the last 40 years attempting to master this technology — so it’s safe to say they aren’t in a rush.

When Jetpack Aviation eventually has a jetpack ready for market, be prepared for a hefty price tag. Industry experts believe it will cost tens of thousands of dollars, with a price tag of more than $100,000 a definite possibility.

Source: ScienceAlert

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