Wield the Power of the Abyss With Every Dark Souls 3 The Ringed City Spell Location

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The Ringed City features six exclusive spells, two for each type of Dark Souls 3 magic-user. Get your undead hands on them all with these locations.

Magic is an often overlooked extra in Dark Souls 3. Thanks to the new Weapon Arts system, Chosen Undead can buff themselves or unleash powerful magical attacks with their favorite weapons of choice. But, magic can still be an incredibly powerful part of the equation.

The Ringed City includes new flamethrower attacks, healing abilities, and explosions of soul dregs. Our favorite is the healing grenade, letting you plant an HP restoring miracle on the ground so allies can get a constant stream of health back in the middle of battle.

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The Ringed City – All Spells Locations Guide

Miracle Spell Locations:

Projected Heal

  • Location: Dreg Heap Bonfire – Near the fountain square (littered with corpses) you’ll encounter a tree-human hybrid. While walking down the hill, a tower will fall. Back-track into the chapel where two knights were praying to find the wall missing. Cross the fallen tower, then drop down the long fall to the ash below, just behind a summoner. In this area, patrolled by knights, you’ll find the spell.

Lightning Arrow

  • Location: Shared Grave Bonfire – Enter the interior after knocking Midir, the dragon, off its perch. There’s an illusory wall inside — reveal it, along with two more illusory walls, all in quick succession.

Pyromancy Spell Locations:

Flame Fan

  • Location: Earthen Peak Ruins Bonfire – Reach the poison bog and climb the massive roots around the windmill structures to encounter Desert Pyromancer Zoey. Defeat her to acquire the spell.

Seething Chaos

  • Location: Crafted from the [Soul of a Demon Prince]. Requires Soul Transposition.

Sorcery Spell Locations:

Great Soul Dregs

  • Location: Dreg Heap Bonfire – Found in the interior rooms past the first Butterfly Pilgrim encounter. After escaping the flying enemy, go up the hill at the fountain square littered with knight corpses and enter the structure full of summoners and crawling undead. Go to the back and up the stairs. The final summoner is guarding an alcove with this spell.

Old Moonlight

  • Location: Crafted from the [Soul of Darkeater Midir]. Requires Soul Transposition.

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