Wii-Powered Android N64 Emulator Brings Zelda to Smartphones


You could hook your Wii Remote up to your Android smartphone to play classic N64 titles, but that might defeat the point.

I’m just going to preface this post with saying that, as always, The Escapist maintains a very firm anti-piracy stance. The development of an emulator isn’t illegal, but using it to play pirated games is – so don’t do it!

That said, it’s always fun to appreciate the sort of technical ingenuity that goes into this kind of thing: I don’t know what it takes to get N64 classics like Zelda: Ocarina of Time running on your Android smartphone, but it’s probably beyond me. The framerate is a bit low, and everything feels a bit sped-up (the music is higher-pitched as a result) but otherwise yeah, that’s definitely the beginning of Ocarina.

One of the cool bits about this emulator – the otherwise unpronounceable N64oid – is that it’s compatible with the Wii Remote controller. That’s good news if you’d be interested in actually playing the game, since an on-screen keyboard would be messy at best for Zelda.

However, it does kind of negate the whole point of having a game on a handheld device, which is portability. If you have to break out the Wii Remotes every time you wanted to play a game on this, then that just means you’re playing a home console on a tiny, low-resolution screen.

So this is impractical at best, but it’s still kind of cool. If you really want Ocarina of Time in your pocket, though, you’d be better off waiting for the 3DS version of the 1998 classic.

(via Engadget)

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