Wii Zapper and Link Target Wii


Players can practice their crossbow technique with Link’s Crossbow Training and the Wii Zapper this November.

Nintendo has confirmed that the Wii Zapper will go on sale on November 19 for $19.99. Included with the gun peripheral will be Link’s Crossbow Training, a free mini-game disc designed to demonstrate the usefullness of the Wii Zapper. Players will be dropped into the world of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess to master their marksmanship through a series of tests and adventures.

“The Wii Zapper combines our remarkable controllers into one housing with a classic style reminiscent of arcade-style games. Both veteran and first-time players will find it brings a whole new dimension to games where targeting is key and provides even more exciting game-play experiences,” said George Harrison, Nintendo of America’s Senior Vice President of Marketing and Corporate Communications.

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