Will Ferrell Comedy Company Goes Gaming


The studio behind comedy website Funny or Die is developing a gaming video site.

Gary Sanchez Productions, a video production team featuring comedian Will Ferrell, and the company behind Funny or Die are expanding into the gaming hemisphere.

Funny or Die Chief Executive Officer Dick Glover gossiped on the gaming site’s potential content.

“The videogame site will not be a game-playing site,” explained Glover. “If we became a game-playing site, that actually limits who we could partner with, who we could align with, and advertisers we could get.”

Glover vaguely added, “We want to do a very broad-based site. Whether you’re my age and playing Pac-Man is your idea of a videogame, or you’re younger and at the highest levels of Halo 3, or you’re in a retirement home, we’re going to have something for you on this site.”

Source: NewTeeVee

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