“Will It Blend” Slices and Dices Daleks


Blendtec wants you to know that the Daleks from Doctor Who aren’t all that scary, especially if you own one of the company’s blenders.

Any Doctor Who fan can tell you that the Daleks are harder to kill off than New York’s rat population. No matter how many times their plots are thwarted or they’re seemingly eliminated from reality, the darn things keep on coming back. However, the guys at Blendtec have a surprisingly effective solution: throw the Daleks into a Total Blender.

Sebastian J. Brook, editor for Doctor Who Online made a guest appearance on “Will It Blend” and presented host Tom Dickson with the dilemma the Daleks present. Dickson asked some thoughtful questions: “Have you tried freezing them? Have you tried to get them to fight each other? Have you tried to blow them up? Have you tried to stuff them in a void?”

After exhausting all other options, the Total Blender was brought into play and the mini-Dalek is dropped in. Things work out just as you expect they would, complete with TARDIS sound effects, though blending the little guy into tiny pieces takes a bit longer than it normally does. Still, kudos to Blendtec for this great, nerdy little video.

Thanks to the The_root_of_all_evil for the tip!

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