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Willy’s Wonderland Puts Nicolas Cage into Five Nights at Freddy’s

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There might be a Five Nights at Freddy’s movie in the works, but it’s already lost the “Great Horror Movies Set at a Kid’s Restaurant” competition because whatever it turns out to be, it will not star Nicolas Cage. What does star Nic Cage? Willy’s Wonderland, which just dropped its first trailer today and looks exactly like what you’d expect of a movie starring Nicolas Cage stuck in a demonic Chuck E. Cheese.

Everything from Cage’s leather jacket to the premise screams classic grindhouse film, and it looks like they’re not going for much more than that. Although with the majority of the “blood” shown on the screen being oil from mechanical robots, they could pull off a PG-13 rating on this… if Cage doesn’t swear too much. Cage plays a man known simply as “the Janitor” who has his truck break down in a small town. Luckily for him, the local owner of Willy’s Wonderland offers to repair the truck if he cleans the entire arcade in one night. The Janitor gets to work, but what he doesn’t know is that he’s locked in the building with demonic robots. What the robots don’t know is that Nic-effing-Cage is locked in the building with them.

Kevin Lewis, who directs nothing but D-grade fair, directed the film, which also stars Emily Tosta (Party of Five), Ric Reitz (The Resident), Chris Warner (Machete), and Beth Grant (Speed). Obviously, no one is turning in for any of the other cast, and that’s made pretty clear by a trailer that is nothing but Cage going crazy over and over again on animatronics demons. It’s all part of a kind of weird Nic Cage slow burn career renaissance that’s full of strange horror films, surprisingly strong performances, and the kind of crazy only he can pull off.

Willy’s Wonderland will release on Feb. 12.

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