Win a Chance to Humiliate Yourself on Ninja Warrior for Japan


If you want to take a shot at one of the most grueling obstacle courses ever created and simultaneously donate money to relief in Japan, here’s your chance.

There are plenty of ways to donate money to disaster relief in Japan following March’s devastating earthquake and tsunami. You could buy a WoW mini-pet, buy a TF2 hat, or just donate money directly.

Or, you could bid on a “once-in-a-lifetime chance” to run the Ninja Warrior obstacle course at Mt. Midoriyama in Japan.

Ninja Warrior – known as Sasuke in Japan – is a brutally difficult bi-annual sports competition in which contestants compete to clear all four stages of an insanely tough obstacle course. It’s worth noting that in over a decade of attempts (the event began in 1997) only three competitors have ever finished Sasuke. Fisherman Makoto Nagano, seen here, became the second to do so when he won the 17th tournament in 2006.

Let’s be honest here: Unless you’re an Olympic-level athlete, you don’t stand a chance at beating the Ninja Warrior course. (And hell, even if you are an Olympic-level athlete, that’s no guarantee either – many Olympians have tried their hand and failed). But if you have a few grand sitting in your bank account and want to try your luck, go ahead and bid – when will you have a chance like this again?

Just make sure it gets televised so the rest of us can watch.

G4 TV has quite a bit of stuff – both Ninja Warrior-themed and not – up for auction to raise proceeds for Japan. Give it a look!

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